Wednesday, July 1, 2009

.... Then We Are Corrupt.

If you believe that others must be convinced that your ideals and beliefs are the only truth to behold, then WE are corrupt.

If you believe that other must be neglected, ignored, punished, hurt, killed, or brutalized in any way because they do not live as you do, work as you do, and live in the same culture as you to, then WE are corrupt.

If you feel that others who are not like you are weird, inapproachable, unfriendly, and should be excluded from your sight, activities, neighborhood, and community, then WE are corrupt.

If you feel that it is your nation's or communities' duty to convert, convince, or persuade another nations and communities to live and act as yours does, then WE are corrupt.

If you feel that it is your human right and authority to threaten, degrade, weaken, kill, or torture sentient beings for your own gain, indulgence, and greed, then WE are corrupt.

When we disrespect the very thing that sustains us and allows if to live, WE are corrupted.

WE ARE Polytheistic, Monotheistic, Henotheistic, Esoteric, Exoteric, Pantheists, Gnostic, Atheist, and more!

WE ARE Greek, American, Polynesian, Asian, Native American, Indian, Latin, European, and more!

WE ARE Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends, and more!

WE ARE Lawyers, Doctors, Healers, Factory Workers, Spiritual Advisors, Teachers, Rescue Workers, Military, Police, Judges, Construction Workers, Accountants, Engineers, and more!

WE ARE you and me.

It is about all of us finding a common ground. Somewhere in our vast social structure where we can agree and disagree without violence, hate, resentment, and so on.

It is about letting our ego go so we can live free without the hindrances of judgment.

We are the choices we make each and everyday. We make the choices that make and break our world. These choices are what will eventually make or break us. Our small actions define our nation, our culture, our morality, and our spirituality.

We have the power to move forward in any method we choose. We have the force that decides what/who lives and dies, what/who lives in fear, what/who lives in peace.

We have to power to choose humility over ego. We have the choice to act respectfully, rationally, peacefully, and mindfully. We have the ability to choose positive actions over humiliating and intimidating actions.

We defend ourselves through distrust in others. We force others to distrust us by doing the things that break down relationships. We protect our families with the stories and beliefs we form in our heads. The intent is sound, but the actions are immoral. We teach these dysfunctional patterns with the intent to make the road easier.

In stark contrast, we have made the road more difficult. We have covered over the paths once treat with love and respect. Instead of nurturing respect and trust we nurture violence and hate. We have built a web of self manifested misinformation and irrational labels and determination about one another. Even if the initial issue was rational and justified, over time the story we replay in our head becomes more jaded and our rational becomes tainted.

We teach disrespect instead of respect. Hate, fear, and avoidance has become our 1 priority.

We have cut ties to those who we once called friend, lover, companion, mother, brother, sister, confidant. We have burned the deep inner bridges that may one day be our freedom.

How much time needs to pass before we can lay down our sword, our hate, and our ego? How much time must pass before we can allow ourselves to simply forgive?

Forgiveness is difficult because we make is so. Peace is unreachable because we choose to make it unreachable. Trust is unattainable because we choose to find ways to distrust one another.

The world has become gray because we decided it needed to be gray.

Once we traveled down the quiet dusty roads of the untouched land. We walked through the forest trails and we were at peace with self and nature.

We once respected the things that sustained us, and we gave thanks to these things. We took only what we needed and left the rest to nature.

We found peace near a babbling streams where the water was fresh and clean. We listened to the words the water had to tell.

We breathed in the fresh clean air and filled our lungs with purity and life. We listened to the song of the gentle breeze.

We walk the ground covered in indigenes plants. We listened to these plants and learned to use them to heal and protect.

We held our breath as we watch Deer drink from the stream, allowing her to teach us unconditional love and tenderness.

We sat quietly with our backs against Great Trees who live longer than our ancestors. Their roots taught us about stability and strength. We watched their seemingly rigid branches bend in the fiercest storm, seldom breaking.

We stood still to watch a Mourning Dove nurture her young. She taught us the grace of femininity as she gave us hope. She taught us to mourn the passing of those things that no longer serve us and to look forward to the promise of things yet to come.

We watched as Fox provided for his family. Teaching us to about camouflage and how to nurture and protect family.

We heard Crow in the distance, teaching us of universal law. His voice reminding us that there is a time and a place for everything and balance is the key.

We came face to face with Alligator who taught us to watch things closely from under the surface. Take all the information in before acting or reacting.

We sat with Grandmother Spider who taught us to read and write. She taught us the importance of home and creativity.

We slept with Black Panther who taught us to find comfort in the dark. Who guided us through the darkest regions of self.

We swam with Turtle who taught us about Mother Earth and her importance. She taught us to nurture that which will sustain us.

We once understood where to go, what to do, and how to act. We have made the choice to give this up. Now we don't know where we are going, what we are doing, or where to turn.

It all begins with you and me. If we don't make the personal choices that lead to becoming a better people, community members, and inhabitants of this planet we will never know where to go, what to do, and where to turn. We will destroy the very things that sustain and nurture us.

We have the choice to make ourselves right, to make this planet right. From small individual changes comes global change. Like a ripple on the water it starts in one location and eventually becomes big…Sometimes big enough to effect the entire body of water.

YOU ARE the answer, not "THEM". Change begins with you.

When will you brgin your ripple and how big will you make it?

Aman Nai.

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