Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Heard A Voice

When will sleep awaken me?

As listen to the pounding of my heart, I hear a voice.

She is calling to me faint and distant. I struggle to hear, Her words are not clear.

Swallowed by a dark pool in my soul the White Lady fights to break free.

Darkness looms as her white skin is lost and her hair covers her face.

The unseen force pushes her lower until she is consumed.

Strength is lost and bounty is drowned. Light is snuffed and hope goes missing.

When will the struggle make me strong? When will darkness release its bonds.

The dark pool rushes to my eyes and am broken in more places. Healing is but a dream, daggling in front of my eyes, always out of reach.

It has to get better. The light must shine again. Things have to cycle back to balance and happiness.

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