Monday, May 11, 2009

Owl Medicine

Lessons of Owl

Owl is a mysterious creature who is friends with the night and flies on silent wings. Her presence is rarely noticed unless you know where to look. Her breeds and calls are numerous, and her lessons are never easy. Owl sees what we want to remain hidden. Owl is honest and sees directly into our heart and soul.

Although we have become most familiar with her symbolism of being wise, there is more to her. In many Native American tribes, Owl is the wise one, the feared one, and the honest one. Some tribes see Owl as a symbol of danger and is deeply feared. They consider her a bringer of dark or black magick because she is a creature of the night and her ability to be around you with out you ever knowing. Owl is a silent presence always observing and is rarely seen. Some even see Owl as a “demon” or as a companion of those who practice Magick of ill will. In some cultures, it is said that if you see an Owl a horrible curse was coming your way.

However, most tribes adore Owl. They see her as a cunning and silent observer who sees all. She perches in the trees looking down to notice the smallest detail. Owl moves from tree to tree never making a sound continuing to observe and learn. When you least expect it she will call to you and startle you, immediately you realize your actions, deceptions, and movements are watched very closely. For those who try desperately to keep their dishonesty hidden this is an uneasy realization.

In the tribes and cultures where Owl is most beloved, she has two faces. She is the Wise One. This is the more accepting face of Owl, one we have chosen to associate closely with Owl.

Her second face is the True Seer. She is the one who sees clearly through to even the most concealed deception. She sees the tricks we play on ourselves and others. She sees our manipulations and does not hesitate to call us out on them. She tells no lie and she does not look away. It is for this reason Owl people are both loved and feared.

Those processing Owl Medicine are strong with True Seer energy, because of this they are often pushed out of groups within society. Many find themselves feeling very uncomfortable around people who have Owl Medicine although they may not know why. The reason for their discomfort is simple… Owl reveals one’s deceptions and when Owl Medicine is at work deceptions are exposed. There is rarely a middle ground with Owl people, unless Owl chooses to keep her distance or keeps the knowledge of said deceptions silent. Keeping silent is very difficult for Owl as it is her duty to reveal deception.

When we don’t understand Owl Medicine we find Owl’s honestly very unsettling. As many of us struggle with the truth and lies we hide within, Owl sees them clearly. Owl brings these deceptions forward and looks within us with giant piercing eyes. She looks into the depths of people and sees them for who they are deep down. This ability makes people very uneasy especially when they are not ready to face their own inner demons. When Owl is asked to reveal something she does it with naked honesty. When she is asked to call out the truth she does so even when the requestor is not prepared for the truth. Always prepare yourself if you ask for the truth from Owl.

Owl’s comfort with pointing out the areas where we hide and stumble is alarming. This ability is not exclusive to those around her. Owl also sees her own inner demons and regularly faces them. In some cases, it is hard for Owl to remember that others do not contain her unique gift of acceptance and her willingness to face her inner demons.

Owl does not mean to bring fear to others, her true intention is to bring peace within. She is practicing her gift as she best knows how in hopes that you will open your heart and mind to accept your growth potential. Her goal is to make these areas known so one can work on strengthening one’s character.

Owl people are not usually cruel people, they are genuinely compassionate, and they care deeply for those she reads. If Owl chooses to keep her distance from someone it is wise to follow her. She most likely sees something within that person that is disturbing and is not likely to change. She may not be able to tell you exactly what it is that repels her, but in time, you will see it revealed.

Because Owl prefers the cover of darkness and the camouflage of trees, her Lunar symbol is the Dark Moon and Full Moon. In some traditions, the dark of the moon is when Magick is most powerful. Some see it as being the time for “Dark” or “Black” Magick, while others (like Owl People) see it as being a time for Inner Magick. The Magick that is most difficult to reach because it requires you to conquer the darkest and deepest inner places of your heart and soul. This Magick comes from years of meditation, stillness, balance, and a full understanding of self. This Magick is only accessible when the user is completely able to let go and achieve true balance. To some surprise this ability does not come naturally to Owl people in their current corporeal form. Only through time, practice, patience, and mistakes can one achieve the balance necessary to perform Owl Magick.

If you encounter someone who seems to possess Owl Medicine, remember to be aware of why you might feel uncomfortable in his or her presence. Remember be careful in asking Owl to reveal what she knows, you may not be prepared. If you open your heart and mind, Owl has a great many lessons to teach.

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