Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Hope of Understanding

What I expect of you is nothing more than for you to remain true to your heart and dreams.

What I dream for you is for you to bathe in strength and beauty. What I dream for you is that you find your place as I find mine.

Emotions on the tide are made into storms out at sea. We toss and turn while our true intentions are lost and our desires endlessly burn.

Words are lost when spoken in anger and intent is misunderstood. We close our minds to the possibilities and lose the things we hold dear to our hearts. Honesty is my strength and my weakness. It is my blessing and my curse, as I am sure you have found true. I will be nothing but honest with you, that is my calling, what else can I do?

The fog of loss and confusion makes it hard to take. All we can do is improve as we recognize what makes us blind… In hope that from insanity we shall awake.

I see in you a light, brighter than most. A light that is filled with strength and hope. A light that is slowly being put away.

The constants remain, my love for you… my dream for you... my hope for you. Let your light shine from within and not weakened or dimmed.

Sometimes the one who banishes our light is within and we must seek to banish this limiting being before forgiveness can begin. Many call it ego. I have to agree. To find it deep we must go. Into place we‘d rather not know.

From this being, I have spent a long time learning how to break free. It is hard to let go. It is sneaky and friendly. It is sly and speaks to us the words we want to hear. It is hard to let go.

Beware this is not our only challenge. There are others who will help this limiting presence breed, rather than let your true self flourish and grow. That want us to conform to their own inner greed.

What I expect of you is nothing more than for you to remain true to your heart and dreams. I still care about you, no matter what challenges we go through.

Life is tricky and even more are the relationships within… but when I see you shine it is then I must not resist my own inner calling. Yes I must, give in. I see your light clear and true, but a lethal haze is rolling in, what else can I do?

I have no choice but to set aside my assumptions and truths I hold inside. After all we are no more than humans. People who try to find the answers… but fail as we are caught up in the emotion and drama created within. Stillness is a clear window to the soul this is where healing will begin.

Honesty is something we cannot deny. Knowing this, I choose to grow beyond the assumptions that loudly cry. I find peace for myself and hope you will find it too.

Stillness brings to me rapture and intensity.

To find understanding between me and you, reaching out is all I can do.

You are my friend no matter what challenges we go through and YES I still care about you.

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