Friday, May 8, 2009

An Eco Challenge for ALL Year!

This challenge is taken from Julia Butterfly so I cannot claim any ownership to it. BUT I think it is a fantastic challenge and definitely opens one’s eyes to how wasteful we really are. I originally posted this in December of 2007 and thought it needed another go around!

The challenge is to carry your garbage around with you for one week. You can carry it in a duffel bag, backpack, etc. and take it with you everywhere. Take it to the bathroom, school, work, the gym, etc. At the end of the week weigh and measure the bag. You will be astounded!

The purpose of this challenge is to show each of us how much waste we actually produce. This is a great way to recognize your true carbon foot print!

I think once you learn how much trash you actually produce you will learn ways to reduce your wasteful tendencies. It is also a great realization of what could happen if we continue to over fill our dumps and landfills without seeking our alternative methods like composting, recycling, etc. Where is the garbage going to go when there is no place left? Perhaps it will end up in your own backyard...

After you complete the challenge do it again in one month and see if you have decreased the amount of garbage, you produce. Decreasing the amount of garbage we each produce is the goal!

If you cannot do it for a full week, try it for a day or two. You will still be amazed!

Good luck!

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