Monday, June 1, 2009

Being a Mother is…

Being a Mother is…

…knowing that some tears are frustrating, while some can be
funny, and others mean business!

…knowing when to laugh with your child and when to cry.

…knowing that a little spit-up on your clothes doesn’t mean
baby is sharing.

…knowing that a gentle lullaby sung form the heart is the finest pacifier.

…knowing that Breast Milk is the ultimate comfort food.

…finding joy in baby’s accomplishments from holding his head up higher longer, to his giant toothless grin, to his first science fair project, and beyond.

…knowing you are doing the best you can as long as you are
showing your children the love, consideration, and affection they truly need.

…knowing that no material possession in the world can gain your child's love and respect. Instead, discipline, self-respect, dedication, and kindness does the trick!

…finding total peace and fulfillment as your baby sleeps on
your shoulder.

…savoring special moments with your child while sleeping, breathing, walking, learning, singing, dancing, laughing, and crying.

…taking the empathy you feel for your child and applying it
to others in your life.

…feeling a great sense of accomplishment when your child
thinks of others before herself.

…knowing that big miracles with great lessons come in small

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