Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ugly Voices

Ugly voices speak words of hate and jealousy,

Vile and corrupt as the dishonesty grows,

The spiritual essences of many has faded as blinders swathe their eyes

Their ears listen to the words filled with lies and hate

Blocking out the subtle glow of truth,

With obtuse scenarios they agree upon circumstances they know nothing about

Repulsive and jealous the dishonesty seeps into their corrupt union.

The mask is solid with greed and ignorance,

The truth obscured by illusions of sorrow and pain

One another, stroking their Ego.

Soon the truth will shine as they turn on each other

Conspiracies shall reveal to ill journey taken.

Deception will turn on them like a wild dog on its prey, ripping and tearing until only truth remains

The wise will watch

The wise will listen

The wise will wait

The wise will find comfort in true companions away from this fabrication and misery

The wise will use compassion to reach their darken sight

The wise will forgive those who stray from wisdom and truth

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